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The Victorians Tackle the Elizabethans

The Victorians Remake the Elizabethan Age at Charlecote Park (this post originally appeared on the Smitten by Britain website) I am a list maker. I am also a loser of lists I have made, which means I frequently bite my lip in frustration and fumble Read More

Cincinnati’s Metropolitan/State Theater

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players… Architecture has long served as a platform for status and self-expression – even seemingly humble dwellings (vernacular architecture) reveal layers of information about where the builders and inhabitants came from, how they Read More

Snow Days and Comfort Food

The allure of a snow day, especially in the Bluegrass where snowfall is fickle and fleeting, doesn’t subside with adulthood. Granted, my childhood experience of substantial snowfall was tempered by the impact the winter wonderland would have on the cattle, and if a late winter Read More