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Preservation is a Full-time Affair

It’s the last day of May, and the last day of Preservation Month. My challenge to myself, to write a daily blog post, is nearing its end. While I didn’t quite make 31 posts (I believe 29 is my total, and I blame that on Read More

Icons of Industry: Tanneries & Stockyards in Louisville, Kentucky

Growing up on a farm influenced me and my interests in many ways, most of which are difficult to explain to anyone who grew up “in town.” The cycle of life and death never recedes into the background on a farm, and while that doesn’t Read More

Piqua, Robertson County, Kentucky

Roads are curious thing – and in Kentucky, they are big business. A new road delivers up promises of jobs and economic development; sometimes the premise for a project seems to be nothing more than “if you build it, they will come.” A road also Read More

A Whimsical Wednesday in Summer Shade, Kentucky

When I talk to people about vernacular architecture, I catch myself comparing it to messy but delicious experiments in the kitchen, or unexpected adventures, or exploring a brand new place.  Sometimes, you might cook up some comfort food. Or you could  create something brand new. Read More

Columbia Theater in Paducah, Kentucky

I am more of a reader than a movie watcher.  Circumstances conspired to move me in that direction: farm child, only four channels on our TV (and viewing time was restricted), and the influence of older siblings and parents, who, when not working, were reading. Read More

Names and Places: Frances, Crittenden County, Kentucky

There are as many origin stories about the names of Kentucky’s small towns and crossroad communities as there are these spots on the map. Sometimes the postmaster (or postmistress) got to choose the name. Perhaps a nearby industry inspired the name of a place, or Read More

A Bullet Hole in the Door: Discoveries in Casey County, Kentucky

On a rainy, rather foggy March day a few years back, I was in the field, scoping out Casey County for a possible survey of historic buildings. It was not a day to wander about and take photographs – the typical two-lane Kentucky roads that Read More

The Arts & Preservation: Mt. Sterling’s Gateway Regional Arts Center

Place is very important to most Kentuckians. We identify ourselves not by where we live, but where we are from – or where “our people” are from. I may live and work in Lexington, but I am from Mt. Sterling, and I cheer on efforts Read More

The Triangle House: Bruce Goff’s Triaero

Kentucky is a state of geographic contradictions. The geographer John Fraser Hart commented that “few if any states have such enormous diversity within such small compass.” I see this as I venture from one side of the state to another – not only in our Read More

The Hidden Gem of Lexington: Latrobe’s Pope Villa

I imagine the phrase “revolutionary architecture” conjures up a myriad of differing images for people – or maybe just a blank stare. Architects willing to experiment with materials, form, and site have transformed both our cities and domestic spaces, but a progressive design is not Read More