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Angle on History: The Blue Grass Tobacco Company Warehouse, Lexington, Kentucky

As a child coming to Lexington, I was always fascinated by the buildings I saw in the distance, even more so then the lovely historic homes that lined the roadway. North Broadway/Paris Pike was our main route into town most days, and back on Loudon Read More

Safeguarding the Past: Hayward Wilkirson, Preservation Advocate

In 1970, Lucy Coleman Johnston Graves confronted a bulldozer about to tear down a house on West High Street in Lexington, Kentucky. The photograph made The New York Times, and further cemented Graves’ reputation as a determined preservationist. Forty-five years later, the organization she helped Read More

Discovering a Familiar Stranger: Sewell Shop, Clark County, KY

The familiar landscape is the one that often receives the least notice. But when that landscape changes, the disorientation strikes with ferocity, and a palpable sense of loss. For all  my love of crossroad communities – places not quite a town, grown organically at the Read More

Frenchman’s Knob School, Hart County, Kentucky

The vestiges of our past are scattered all around the Kentucky landscape – even if you must sometimes you must venture off of the paved road to find them. Rural Hart County and the Frenchman’s Knob School presented such a detour – and the additional Read More

Urban Spaces: London’s Secret Gardens on Display June 13-14

This post was originally written for the Smitten by Britain website I loved Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Secret Garden when I was growing up – and I still haven’t lost the dream of one day having my own walled garden. (A garden ideally free from Read More

Edward Durell Stone and Paducah’s Vision for the Future: What Now?

Architecture is much more than just shelter – it teems with symbolism. One of the first principles I learned in graduate school was the power of a building, and what messages the style, form, and materials convey about the owner or user. During the heady Read More

Fueling a Developing Imagination in Bath County, Kentucky

I am the youngest of four children, and a big gap in years exists between my siblings and me. It worked well for my mother, as my two sisters helped watch me (and dress me up, and cut my hair, and put makeup on me…) Read More