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Beatrix Potter: Preservation, Bunnies and Sheep

My wanderings around Britain usually spring from something I’ve studied or learned about as a professional. Not every destination draws me in with thoughts of flopsy bunnies, hedgehog washerwomen or determined woodmice with slightly obsessive compulsive cleaning habits. But the world – and characters – Read More

English Country Houses in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

No, there hasn’t been movement at the CentrePit site – there will not be a reconstruction of Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) on Main Street. But on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, at the Dr. Thomas Hunt Morgan House at 210 North Broadway,  I will be talking Read More

A Garden Update: The Soggy Month of July in Kentucky

Last year at this time, I admired the row of lime trees at Chatsworth, exclaimed over the profusion of perennials and the striking color combinations in the walled garden at Parham, and drooled over the terraced beauty of the landscape at Renishaw Hall. Although I Read More

Baby Got Barn: The Kentucky Log Crib Edition

A recent article on Facebook listing 12 beautiful barns in the Bluegrass caught my eye the other day. Excited, I clicked,  scrolled, and then I sighed.  While I am always happy to see articles extolling Kentucky’s amazing buildings, I didn’t think this list was…all that Read More

Movie Magic: The Small Town Drive-In Theater in Kentucky

My parents inflicted a succession of ugly, misshapen station wagons upon us hapless children during my formative years. The one I remember most vividly was a putrid shade of pale yellow, appeared longer than a school bus, and was known as “the Tank.” It was Read More

A Community of Garden History and Heritage: Calling Kentucky Gardeners!

Gardening, to me, is intuitive. And yet it isn’t something to which words flow easily. I can write about houses, and places, and styles of architecture, but gardening is something done, a retreat from thoughts, the clamor of the world, and sometimes, a retreat even Read More