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The Creation and Evolution of a Secret Garden in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

The restoration of a historic building is a process of love and labor – one that has been made wildly popular by HGTV and other media outlets. I love watching a historic building come back to life – but the rebirth of the very land Read More

Hurricane Camp Meeting Grounds, Crittenden County, Kentucky

There are degrees of rural in Kentucky. My own experience, though it felt isolated at times (growing up on a farm does curb one’s teenage exploits), barely fulfills the definition as I see it in other areas of the Commonwealth. Despite the marked nuances of Read More

The House that President Patterson Built: A Whimsical Delight on East Loudon Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky

A house is much more than just shelter. Historically, homes have functioned as symbols of expression, wealth, and power – for those who could afford such brick and mortar displays – and a house on a  corner lot in town commanded maximum exposure. And in Read More

The Hansford B. Ferguson House, Morgan County, Kentucky

I’ve often found myself hiking along creeks for several miles to reach a historic house site, far removed from the current road network. Invariably, these hikes have been at the height of summer, with all the joy that entails in Kentucky’s humidity… My temporary discomfort, Read More

Remembering Blue Grass Stockyards, Lexington, Kentucky

When I took a break from writing the afternoon of January 30, 2016, I was immediately transfixed by the malevolent black clouds visible through the windows. And when I ventured onto the Internet, to all of the reports of explosions and fire ravaging the Blue Read More

A Background Full of Meaning: Historic Houses and Historic Photographs

Old photographs for sale in antique or second-hand stores always give me pause. I wonder about the unknown names associated with those forgotten faces, and also  – who buys these photographs? Someone in search of insta-ancestor? Historic photographs not only provide a glimpse into the Read More

Perspectives: The Gift of Vernacular Buildings

The month of January found me suspended in a maelstrom of deadlines. The joy I typically find in my profession disintegrated into a frenzy of writing, severe brain strain, and a complete lack of appreciation for the fascinating buildings that were my subject. Then, one Read More