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Creative Inspiration at British Pubs

I’ve had some lovely times in pubs across Britain (I even remember some of them!) – a social occasion made richer, usually, by the building housing the pub.  Towns and villages across Britain lay claim to a number of quirky, endearing buildings which accommodate public Read More

Photosynthesis for the Soul: The Mathews Garden at the University of Kentucky

Science was not  my strongest subject in school, but chlorophyll always fascinated me. In my mind’s eye, scores of thirsty plants absorbed the rays of the sun with zeal after winter’s gloom – nothing short of magic. Not unlike those plants, I too gravitate toward Read More

Queen Anne Exuberance: The Buena Vista Hotel in Buena Vista, Virginia

In my family lore, there is a not-so-mythical place known as “back seat land.” As a frequent occupant of this space, landscapes and buildings that filter through my memory are most often framed by the dimensions of the back seat car window, and many a Read More

Vulcan Iron Man: Colossal Roadside Architecture in Birmingham, Alabama

Ever since my first trip out west in 2008, when I tormented my family with requests to stop and photograph old motels, gas stations, and historic neon, I’ve been enamored of roadside architecture. I am far from the only fan, and numerous websites and apps Read More