Agnes and the Hedgerow

One week from today my adventure across the pond will be starting,and with it, the start of this blog with the slightly saucy title. Many thanks to the talented Hayward Wilkirson for designing the banner for this blog. The result is even better than the purloined Edward Gorey clip I snatched from the interwebs, for it had no young lady toppling over a hedge, let alone a delightful little hedgehog named Agnes! 

The inspiration behind this venture (the blog, not the poverty-inducing journey upon which I will be embarking) owes much to the fleeting nature of digital photos that languish on devices, the desire to capture some of the sights and impressions I will gather as I work across the pond, and to a wine-filled evening with Chris Pappas, who encouraged me to take the flippant title and create…if not a irreverent travel book for like-minded lovers of old buildings, incredible gardens and cursing like a craggy sailor, then at least: a blog.

So the plunge begins, and I must think of packing, and train journeys, and try to keep my excitement to a low shrill…

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  1. Try to bring me back a hedgehog named Angus.

  2. And oh how they danced
    The little children of Stonehenge

  3. ELB says:

    We would like to subscribe, since we “like” you anyway (not that we have any choice); any way to get the posts delivered by email?

  4. ELB says:

    That hedge looks prickly, but nice bush anyway…how do I like this hedge party??? this comment is from your oldest sister…..

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