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What’s Old is New Again: Tudor Mania Across the Pond

Prior to my first trip to Great Britain, I knew little about the architecture of the British Isles beyond…castles. How much more do you need to know when you are a 14-year old girl? My mental catalog has expanded over the years, (as has my interest in Read More

The Continuing Allure of Jane Austen

It is a truth universally acknowledged…that Jane Austen’s popularity continues to grow. Her novels, the film adaptations, the fan fiction spin-offs – as a recovering English major, I am not immune to Austen-mania. Searching out her house was a natural choice for me, given my Read More

Ruined but not Abandoned: Corfe Castle, England

Abandoned architecture is a hot item on social media – and serious business for some photographers and urban explorers. The ruins of this country, though, are much more recent than those of England (as are most things), with many fewer centuries of history and stories. Read More

Creative Inspiration at British Pubs

I’ve had some lovely times in pubs across Britain (I even remember some of them!) – a social occasion made richer, usually, by the building housing the pub.  Towns and villages across Britain lay claim to a number of quirky, endearing buildings which accommodate public Read More

Fenwick Lecture in Historic Preservation, November 15, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky

 Although 2015 will be a year where I’ve stayed firmly planted on this side of the Atlantic (barring any last-minute winning lottery tickets that come into my possession), I can’t seem to stop yammering on about the architecture of England and Kentucky. On Sunday, November Read More

Oxford: Dreaming Spires, Alchemists and Sighs

Oxford, first settled by Saxons, and now populated with students, tourists, and harried residents, is one of my favorite towns in Britain – and is a different town, I think, for each person who visits. The University of Oxford dates to the 12th century, and Read More

Adventures in Voyeurism at Castle Howard

I’m a voyeur. At least where historic buildings are concerned – don’t worry, I’m not standing in front of your windows… I restrict my historic house lust to buildings actually open to the public. (Or abandoned houses in my native land, but that’s another story.) Read More

Beatrix Potter: Preservation, Bunnies and Sheep

My wanderings around Britain usually spring from something I’ve studied or learned about as a professional. Not every destination draws me in with thoughts of flopsy bunnies, hedgehog washerwomen or determined woodmice with slightly obsessive compulsive cleaning habits. But the world – and characters – Read More

English Country Houses in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

No, there hasn’t been movement at the CentrePit site – there will not be a reconstruction of Highclere Castle (Downton Abbey) on Main Street. But on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, at the Dr. Thomas Hunt Morgan House at 210 North Broadway,  I will be talking Read More

Mr. Turner and Petworth

My college art history classes invariably began at 8 am or right after lunch- neither being a good time to sit in a darkened room and look at slides. Despite this, I relished (through occasional yawns) this exposure to artwork far removed from my rural Read More