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A Crepe Myrtle from Elk Fork, Morgan County, Kentucky

I have a confession to make. Yesterday, I went to Lowe’s to see if they were stocking flats of pansies yet. I returned home with only furnace filters and light bulbs, shaking my head over my own foolishness – led astray by the erratic weather Read More

Remains of a Country Estate: C.F. McMeekin’s Oakwood Farm

The ache that engulfs me when a historic building is needlessly demolished pales in comparison to the visceral pain of seeing farmland chopped, desecrated, and turned into to miles of pavement. Lexington provides the perfect backdrop to examine this transition, but occasionally a vestige of those long-ago Read More

I’ll be in the Field: A Short Explanation of Historic Survey

I did not enter into the field of architectural history and historic preservation for the money (I know this comes as a shock). In addition to the oft-paltry salary endured by many of my colleagues, the most interesting projects in our field are usually the Read More

The Creation and Evolution of a Secret Garden in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky

The restoration of a historic building is a process of love and labor – one that has been made wildly popular by HGTV and other media outlets. I love watching a historic building come back to life – but the rebirth of the very land Read More

The House that President Patterson Built: A Whimsical Delight on East Loudon Avenue, Lexington, Kentucky

A house is much more than just shelter. Historically, homes have functioned as symbols of expression, wealth, and power – for those who could afford such brick and mortar displays – and a house on a  corner lot in town commanded maximum exposure. And in Read More

Obituary for the Lost: 1041 South Limestone, Lexington, Kentucky

Change, I think, is one of the most difficult things to accept in life, yet it is a constant force (just like death and taxes). Change moves and works on the landscape around us like the tide, ceaselessly lapping and ever so slightly shifting, until Read More

A Bourbon Baron’s Romanesque Dwelling in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Bourbon whiskey – “the sweetest of the brown liquors.” I heard that phrase often while in college and though my personal experience with bourbon was one of quantity rather than quality, I’ve watched with awe and pride over the last ten years as the bourbon Read More

Demolition in Danville: The Long Slow Fade of an Antebellum Beauty

When I was a student at Centre College, I focused more on English literature (and some other less noble and spirited pursuits) than the landscape around me. But I remember a stark two-story brick house, near Duke’s Laundry on South Fourth Street (for $5, they Read More

The Ella Cornett Memorial Church, Harlan, Kentucky

I am not an expert on ecclesiastical architecture, but you can’t study the history of Kentucky communities without encountering many a historic church building. The church is often the largest and most decorative building in a historic neighborhood, and I am partial to the interesting Read More

Trips through History: Visiting Pineville, Kentucky

There is a small wooden chair in the front hall of my childhood home. Made of cherry or walnut, it is a nice little chair, but unremarkable except for its story. From an early age, I knew the chair traveled strapped to a horse through Read More