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Creative Inspiration at British Pubs

I’ve had some lovely times in pubs across Britain (I even remember some of them!) – a social occasion made richer, usually, by the building housing the pub.  Towns and villages across Britain lay claim to a number of quirky, endearing buildings which accommodate public Read More

Dragons & winged lions – the Holborn Viaduct

The Inns of Court in London have long fascinated me, and though their history, ritual, and shadowy recesses reveal something new every time I am in London – sometimes what catches my eye is much more pedestrian – and is simply there, along my route. Read More

Layers of History at the Tower of London

Popular culture teems with the notion that all young girls love horses. It makes for a good book and/or movie, I suppose – but I didn’t quite fit into that demographic. Granted, I liked horses, but since my daily chores involved cleaning out stalls, and Read More

The misbehaving teapot at Fortnum’s

I was not a tea drinker until my junior year of college. Through genetics, I’ve been lucky (or cursed?) to be fairly energetic most of the time, so a need for caffeine wasn’t established – and even then, when I first embarked on my tea Read More

A wild adventure doomed to early failure

Regent’s Park, established around 1811, covers 410 acres in the north central London. It is, by far, my very favorite park in London.  Before Henry VIII’s seizure and subsequent dissolution of the monasteries, the land belonged to Barking Abbey (a wonderful name). Alas, the monk’s Read More

Day trip to London

“Sir, when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”  Samuel Johnson For a simple farm girl from Mt. Sterling, my fascination with London doesn’t, on the surface, make much sense. It Read More