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Ruined but not Abandoned: Corfe Castle, England

Abandoned architecture is a hot item on social media – and serious business for some photographers and urban explorers. The ruins of this country, though, are much more recent than those of England (as are most things), with many fewer centuries of history and stories. Read More

The Practical Preservationist

I never intended to be a preservationist – and I certainly never daydreamed about the wild and hedonistic lifestyle of an architectural historian. No, from the age of 11 (after my goal of being a veterinarian was derailed by my father informing me that I Read More

Mr. Turner and Petworth

My college art history classes invariably began at 8 am or right after lunch- neither being a good time to sit in a darkened room and look at slides. Despite this, I relished (through occasional yawns) this exposure to artwork far removed from my rural Read More

Henry VIII, Jane Austen and Glam Rock Artists

My travels about the English countryside have provided an unparalleled opportunity to see entrancing landscapes, incredible architecture, meet wonderful people, and inevitably, to be stranded after missing yet another bus. So it was with some optimistic cheer I planned an easy, relaxing jaunt on a Read More

Sieges, marble and bats: the upper crust of Dorset

The curtailment of my wanderings owes greatly to my lack of a car (also, the lack of funds to rent a car, or the most preferred option, a driver and a car. The latter scenario also involves bonbons, champagne and the eventual purchase of my Read More

East of England Idyll…or, a Day on the Manor Farm

After resting my eyes upon countless hillsides dotted with grazing sheep in the Lake District, my visit to Wimpole Hall and Farm (a National Trust site) provided a different rural perspective. Wimpole, located about 11 miles from Cambridge, is a commercial lowland farm of 2,500 Read More