Gardens to Gables

The Victorians Tackle the Elizabethans

The Victorians Remake the Elizabethan Age at Charlecote Park (this post originally appeared on the Smitten by Britain website) I am a list maker. I am also a loser of lists I have made, which means I frequently bite my lip in frustration and fumble Read More

Cincinnati’s Metropolitan/State Theater

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players… Architecture has long served as a platform for status and self-expression – even seemingly humble dwellings (vernacular architecture) reveal layers of information about where the builders and inhabitants came from, how they Read More

Snow Days and Comfort Food

The allure of a snow day, especially in the Bluegrass where snowfall is fickle and fleeting, doesn’t subside with adulthood. Granted, my childhood experience of substantial snowfall was tempered by the impact the winter wonderland would have on the cattle, and if a late winter Read More

Celebrate the handwriting!

Americans love a holiday. The penchant for celebrating the mundane results in a calendar peppered with “National Cow Day,” “Be Late for Something Day,” or “National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.” But I was wholly unprepared for “National Handwriting Day,” although the act of grasping Read More

Seduction by Shakers: Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

I am easily seduced by sense of place. I’m a Kentuckian (sixth generation of a family with chronically long generations ), so part of that may be genetic. Plus, I’m a nerd for history, and the tantalizing mixture of building, feature, landscape and memory with Read More

Cynthiana’s Handy House: The Complications of Preservation

I first visited the Handy House in Cynthiana, Kentucky, on a sunny and mild day in February 2005. It wasn’t, at first glance, a straightforward building. Like a frothy wedding cake, the house presented multiple layers of stories, people, and varying ideas of style and Read More

Lola (not the Ray Davies version)

Lola, Livingston County, Kentucky One of the significant historic aspects of Kentucky is its numerous crossroad communities and hamlets, located scant miles apart along a county’s road or waterway networks. This collection of buildings, surrounded by farmland, may indeed be located at the juncture of Read More

Dragons & winged lions – the Holborn Viaduct

The Inns of Court in London have long fascinated me, and though their history, ritual, and shadowy recesses reveal something new every time I am in London – sometimes what catches my eye is much more pedestrian – and is simply there, along my route. Read More

Awakening and Building: A look at the Progressive Era and Architecture (Part 1)

Election season in Kentucky…barbs, innuendos and bluster hang as heavy in the air as does pollen during the spring and fall. And like the pollen, all of the posturing makes me want to sneeze repeatedly to clear my head and stop the onslaught of buzzwords. Read More

Sentinels of Memory: Kentucky’s Tobacco Barns

I am child of frame tobacco barns, heavily laden with burley tobacco, dust and dry bits of leaves dancing together in the air. These barns, with their straightforward appearance, clad in vertical boards, spread out across the farms of my childhood. Located on hills, to Read More