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“D” is for Dentils: An Alphabet Soup of Architectural Terms, Part 4

I would be hard pressed to choose my favorite architectural term – but dentil comes pretty close to the top of my list. Even if you didn’t wonder about the similarity between dentil and dental (the word is derived from the Latin “dentes,” meaning teeth), Read More

“B” is for Bay Window and Bracket: An Alphabet Soup of Architectural Terms, Part 2

I really should be moving on to the letter “C,’ but there are so many delicious architectural terms that begin with “B” that I wanted to talk about two more: bay windows and brackets. A bay window is a window that projects from the outside Read More

“B” is for Balustrade: An Alphabet Soup of Architectural Terms

Every profession has its own vocabulary. When I got my first “real” job out of graduate school, I incorporated words like “fenestration” and “corbelling” into almost every conversation…a vastly annoying habit. I’ve tempered my approach since then, but I thought beginning a new series of Read More