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The Tree that Nelson Spared

I played a little hooky on Monday. My work schedule has been pretty overwhelming lately, and although my mind dances with subjects I want to write about, I can’t seem to find the time for this blog. But on Monday, I took the time – Read More

Baby Got Barn: The Kentucky Log Crib Edition

A recent article on Facebook listing 12 beautiful barns in the Bluegrass caught my eye the other day. Excited, I clicked,  scrolled, and then I sighed.  While I am always happy to see articles extolling Kentucky’s amazing buildings, I didn’t think this list was…all that Read More

Sentinels of Memory: Kentucky’s Tobacco Barns

I am child of frame tobacco barns, heavily laden with burley tobacco, dust and dry bits of leaves dancing together in the air. These barns, with their straightforward appearance, clad in vertical boards, spread out across the farms of my childhood. Located on hills, to Read More