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George W. Robson, Jr. House, Bellevue, Kentucky

Monday morning deserves a dreamy Queen Anne-Romanesque Revival style house, I think… and the George W. Robson, Jr. house fits the bill! Cincinnati-based architect Samuel E. des Jardins designed this gorgeous dwelling for Robson, an affluent resident of Bellevue, in Campbell County, Kentucky. The 2.5 Read More

What Exactly is the National Register of Historic Places?

I have a confession to make. Although we are in a “new media” age, I remain dedicated to newspapers, and everyday, as I have for years, I read the comics – all of them. I was not expecting the melodramatic and long-running Rex Morgan, M.D. Read More

Perspectives: The Gift of Vernacular Buildings

The month of January found me suspended in a maelstrom of deadlines. The joy I typically find in my profession disintegrated into a frenzy of writing, severe brain strain, and a complete lack of appreciation for the fascinating buildings that were my subject. Then, one Read More

A Historic Love of Books: Literary Hall in Romney, West Virginia

I’m a firm believer in the arts and literature as a necessary component of life. Although my artistic ability never quite manifested (even using rulers, I struggle to draw a straight line), I’ve read voraciously since an early age and books remain one of my Read More

Celebrating Change: The Growth of a Kentucky Log House

Historic preservation can sometimes be a troubling, even divisive term. I haven’t heard it used in a while, but the term “hysterical” preservationist was bandied about quite a bit, and I am sure still is in certain circles. A common misconception is that preservation supporters Read More

Kilts, Scotties & the Barrens: Glasgow, the Kentucky version

Recently, a friend inquired, as I was prattling on about Kentucky, if any of our towns had original names (this friend being English and laying claim to those names which originated across the pond – you know who you are). I paused, a tart retort Read More

The Rabbit Hole of Discovery: The Nesbitt House in Owingsville, KY

A house, from the outside, reveals only a portion of its true character. Details  Рlike intricately carved brackets, or a romantic-looking bay window Рlead the viewer down one path of speculation, but upon opening the door, you tumble, like Alice, down a rabbit Read More

The Practical Preservationist

I never intended to be a preservationist – and I certainly never daydreamed about the wild and hedonistic lifestyle of an architectural historian. No, from the age of 11 (after my goal of being a veterinarian was derailed by my father informing me that I Read More